Previous Litter

63 days after her first tie with Rainow Todd Ellie produced 7 pups between 3pm and 8pm on Sunday 11th January 2014. Todd's full kennel name is "Rainow Todd of Rooten Brook". He was born of 20th February 2008, ISDS number 00/295253, Kennel Club number AQ0901900.

Keep up to date with progress by checking the gallery above and following the diary below:

Day 56 - All of the pups have now gone to their new homes. They were ready to go and I was ready to see them away. They will now thrive on one to one. Five have gone to working homes (trials and agility) and two to active pet homes. Just what I want. I'm always interested to get feedback about temperament and work ethic.
Day 42 - Homes for all the pups are now sorted out and the new names are taking a bit of getting used to. The reds are Rosie, Rowan and Mae and the black and whites are Kitt, Elsa, Mozzie and Skye. Four are going to working homes (agility and working trials) and the other are going to active pet homes. They are out in the garden at least twice a day and are more or less comnpletely weaned.
Day 40 - We took them into the local fell today to see how they would react to an unfamiliar environment - lots of curiosity and adventure.
Day 30 - The pups had their first meal today, Ellie was complaining as their teeth grow ....
Day 28 - Four weeks old now and the pups are stretching their legs and exploring lots. Weighed again today and all are over the 1kg mark - Borte is the largest but not by much. Trimmed all the nails - Ellie is getting a bit sore but still very maternal.
Day 18 - Went for our first drive today. Lots of squeaks from the back.
Day 17 - They scrambled out of the box today - reinforcements called for!
Day 15 - The are becoming more active although still can't see much. I clipped their nails and started worming (Panacur). I have, at last named the black and white pups. Inspired by the Empress and queens of Mongolia we now have Borte (wife of Genghis Kahn and the matriarch and empress of the country - the women ruled while the men were warriors) who is the larger well marked pup with the 'devil' split blaze. The others are Tumi, Beki (black nose) and Casi.
Day 13 - The pups eyes opened today, wow! They are so beautiful. I am reminded about one of the greatest aspects of having pups is watching them progress from being totally focussed on the mother, then towards each other and finally towards people, all in the space of just eight weeks. I have called the red girls Bess, Jess and Tess.
Day 7 - The pups are all putting on weight fine and I'm looking forward to when their eyes open this week. Still no names but I'm working on it.
Day 1 (12th January 2014) - All of the pups appear to be healthy and feeding well. Ellie seems very relaxed and happy to go out for a short walk. The infra-red lamp is great for keeping the temperature stable and saves on the heating bill.