About Maccadale Border Collies

Maccadale Ellie and Flo I live in the Lake District and breed Border Collies which are registered with the ISDS and are always from a strong working strain. I currently have a Blue Merle bitch – Flo (Maccadale Flo of the Fells) - who had her fourth litter in July 2015. Her daughter Ellie (17/10/2010) had her first litter on 11th January 2014.

I spend a lot of time ensuring that the pups are well socialised, sound conditioned and used to being driven. They are in the house and get a lot of attention.

I spend time selecting stud dogs, looking for a good temperament with a strong working history and outside of my breed lines. I like rough coated slender dogs with tag ears.

Flo is my 4th Border Collie. I believe BC’s should have a mission. It could be working sheep, obedience, agility, SARDA, flyball or other ‘work’. Flo is a grade 7 agility dog. Kimm (Mountain Marathon Kimm), my first dog, was a SARDA dog; it fitted in well with my mountaineering and fell running interests and we worked really well as a team. We were included in the Lockerbie disaster as well as many searches in our Lake District home. Kimm had 4 litters of pups.

I then moved on to ‘obedience’ with my third dog Jess but I found it too controlling and as a retired P.E. and outdoor education specialist prefer the freer fun and activity of agility.

Border Collies will always want to please you whatever you ask them to do, they make wonderful companions as long as they are stretched physically and mentally. I will only let my pups go to suitable homes.

I'm delighted to say that two owners have pups from the 2010 and 2012 litters and one couple have now come back for a third (Mist, Cap and now Jed). Click here for their gallery.