Current Litter

After her latest tie with Rainow Todd, Ellie produced two pups on 5th March 2017, both black and white boys. They look beautiful.

Keep up to date with progress by checking the gallery above and following the diary below:

Day 12 - Both pups are progressing well and I took this opportunity to take their photographs for the first time.
Day 37 - both pups now have names - Dougal and Alfie. Dougal has been out in the fresh air and learning how to deal with other dogs, something I should have done more of in the past. Alfie has damaged his foot and is on restricted activity at the moment.
Day 42 - Weaned the pups this week but Ellie is still keen to supplement.
Day 49 - Can't believe the pups are 7 weeks old.They have had noises, bin men, farm yard people and animals (lambs, chickens and cows), crate / cage familiarisation, solo sleeping, lots of games and chasing tuggers and loads of car travel. Leads and collars on and some adventurous walks out of the garden. I'm now at the stage where I'm ready for them to go and resume normal service. That said the last two weeks have been lots of fun as the grow and learn a bit every day.